So, the IRS or the Dept. of Labor has made contact with you via a notice or a letter. What do you do? First thing, contact us.

Yearly the IRS contacts millions of Americans to clarify or settle any inconsistency with their records. These letters come only via the mail. The IRS will never reach out to you via email, phone or social media. Thank goodness, in today’s world that is the last status update you want your friends and family to see.

Leading Retirement Solutions offers assistance with such situations as one of our Enhanced Services. Oriented at gathering, analyzing and disseminating valid documents for the IRS, we aim to take the anxiety off of our clients.

Leading Retirement Solutions (LRS) is a primary partner that can assist you. It is important to take note of the following in regards to your notice:

  1. Do not ignore the notice. Responding to the IRS is actually very quick and simple.
  2. The initial notice primarily seeks to clarify facts.
  3. Do read the notice carefully. Make sure to respond to what they are asking.
  4. Does the notice pertain to a correction of your tax return? Review the information in comparison to your holdings.
    1. Agree? A response is necessary to close the file.
    2. Disagree? Respond promptly to the IRS. Include all material and documents necessary to ratify any dispute or error in your notice. Include the bottom of your notice. Allow at least 30-60 days for a response.
  5. A high percentage of notices do not require you to call or visit the IRS. If you do need to call, connecting and getting assistance generally takes 30-75 minutes in our experience – use the number provided.
  6. Keep copies of all papers for your personal records.
  7. Lastly, be aware of scams. The IRS will never email or call you as the first form of contact.

With our Enhanced Service, LRS is here to help you manage the various processes and conditions regarding your situation to reach the most valuable solution. Our qualified team and experience will make this process smooth and efficient. Communicating with you closely and educating you during this process is all a part our belief support and solutions.