Leading Retirement Solutions is happy to announce the full-time addition of a newer team member, Gene Skonetski. Gene is a QKA and Senior Plan Administrator who has been working for us and with our team since 2014 as a consultant. He recently moved to Washington State and has joined our team as a full-time, permanent employee. Gene is a Sr. Plan Administrator and is primarily responsible for annual reporting requirements (testing, reporting, IRS Form 5500, etc.). Gene also has significant expertise with plan document drafting and design as well as company contribution modeling and tax strategy. You will be working with Gene in the future and he will reach out to you as applicable.

We are also excited to announce that Vanessa Alcantara, former Retirement Plan Maintenance Manager, is moving into a new role as Relationship Manager. You may have worked with Vanessa in the past. She will now be responsible for Plan onboarding and implementation as well as coordinating and supporting other services providers to your Plan (e.g. Investment Advisor, CPA, Attorney, etc.). This means that she may be introducing you to other team members as you call or email in with day to day plan administration inquiries. It also means that you and your service providers will have additional support. All of our same great team members are also here to continue to support you.


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