DOL Investigation & Stock Value: We recently assisted a 401(k) Plan with a Dept. of Labor audit. The DOL’s document request was three pages long (48 questions, some of them with multiple bullet points/document requests). The 401(k) Plan held a non-traditional asset – private stock. The DOL initially communicated to our client that the value of the stock the client had been reporting was unacceptable. We spent several weeks and held approximately eight follow-up calls with the investigator who then concluded that the stock value that had been reported, all along, was in fact acceptable.

We regularly assist clients with IRS Audits and Dept. of Labor Investigations, which can be both unpredictable and overwhelming. Our experienced team will manage the process of responding to the DOL, from start to finish. We will:Bulletin_03-01

  • Respond to the DOL on your behalf, reducing your stress and saving you time. irs
  • Coordinate the collection and dissemination of all requested documents, with multiple service providers
  • Prepare you and your staff for your on-site interview with a DOL investigator
  • Review every document to make sure it contains only the information requested
  •  Attend your on-site DOL interview
  •  Assist with corrective actions and closing letter requirements