It’s a question as old as time: what are the best ways to bring people together?

nanFor many, a shared passion is one of the answers. For LRS President Kirsten Curry and Financial Advisor Elaine Chan, that passion lies within helping fellow business owners understand the complexities of financing a business. The pair collaborated last month to present “Financing a Business or Investment Venture Utilizing Retirement Monies,” which included topics such as maintaining a 401(k) Plan, maintaining a C Corporation, using “self-directed” Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for non-traditional investing, considerations and regulatory requirements. The talk was hosted by Nan Hai, an educational resource organization dedicated to bridging Eastern and Western cultures through workshops, lectures, and more. The company also emphasizes programs that celebrate Chinese heritage and language. Elaine Chan, who speaks Chinese and translated for the event, was thrilled with the presentation. “Kirsten and I made our transition from English to Chinese, and Chinese to English, as we had our discussions and conversations with our bilingual audience. The flow of the interaction was seamless,” said Chan. Curry was pleased with the presentation as well, and says that she received numerous follow-up questions from attendees—the sign of an engaged audience.

The language of business and investment financing can be a difficult one to learn, and like any language, it takes time, patience, and practice.