Rose Knaup, Retirement Plan Recordkeeper
roseMeet Rose, who’s been with LRS since October 2015. Rose is one of our virtual employees, and works remotely from her Las Vegas-based office. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Rose majored in microbiology at The Ohio State University and worked as a research technician for a short time afterwards before joining her family business, a 401(k) Third Party Administrator firm. She found that she loved the detail-oriented work of retirement plans and has been in the field ever since. Rose enjoys drawing, playing video games, cooking, playing with her cat and two dogs, and exploring the beauty of Nevada.

To Rose, good customer service means having happy clients—it’s dependent on what the client wants; whether it’s taking the time to have an in-depth discussion of the different details in managing their plan, or simply a cheat sheet with the need-to-know basic information. “I always try to engage with my clients to make sure I’m creating an environment that works best for them,” says Rose.
Rose’s favorite part about working at LRS is the fact that innovation is not a dirty word—any idea, big or small, on improving the client experience or internal procedures is not only listened to but is put into action.