At Leading Retirement Solutions, we make employee happiness a priority, and we also recognize that happiness at work directly results in increased productivity, which in turn creates higher client satisfaction. Leading Retirement Solutions employs both remote and local employees, and strives to make the workplace experience and environment not only highly productive but enjoyable for all. That includes flexibility for employees who need to telecommute or have breaks in their schedules to accommodate family and other important commitments.

Telecommuting and flex-time play a crucial role in employee happiness, according to the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index, a yearly study sponsored by Staples that evaluates the state of work environments in North America. The 2015 study shows that 63% of the happiest employees say that they are able to telecommute, work flex-time or both. (Source: 2015 Workplace Index by Staples Business Advantage)

To gauge remote employee happiness at Leading Retirement Solutions, Marketing and Outreach Intern Jessica Gray distributed a survey to virtual Leading Retirement Solutions employees (those who work outside of our corporate headquarters) specifically to ask questions targeted at workplace inclusiveness and happiness among remote employees.

The result? A high level of employee satisfaction and contentedness across the board. We wanted to share these findings with you to give you an inside look into our company culture at Leading Retirement Solutions and how both local and remote employees bring value to our clients and result in exceptional client experiences.

employee survey FINAL


Above: 100% of remote employees reported feeling included and part of the team at Leading Retirement Solutions. We received a variety of positive responses from team members, but one response in particular stood out:

“Since day one, I have always been made to feel part of the LRS team.”

Read more about the 2015 Workplace Index by Staples Business Advantage here.