Leading Retirement Solutions President Kirsten Curry recently attended the ASPPA BMOC (Business Managers & Owners Council) Conference in Illinois. The two-day conference was centered around the theme of bringing industry leaders together to address the needs of senior managers and owners of retirement administration businesses.

Conference topics ranged from the often complex subject of hiring remote employees to cyber security to employee engagement. Business owners, including Curry, shared best practices for operating a successful retirement plan business. Other topics included updates from our nation’s capital, as well as the current health of Third Party Administration firms. Speakers attended the conference from all over the country, which provided a rich and diverse variety of viewpoints and takeaways.

Shortly after the conference, Curry was invited to sit on the Content Committee of BMOC, which oversees the Business Managers & Owners Council. The team at Leading Retirement Solutions congratulates Curry on her involvement with the ASPPA BMOC conference, and also for her invitation to become part of the BMOC Committee.

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