AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJSAAAAJDQzYTkyNDQ0LWZhODgtNDkwNC04YWE5LTkxMGMzNGJjODBjZQChetan Parmar, Marketing and Social Media Intern

Chetan is the newest intern at Leading Retirement Solutions. He is currently a Marketing and Management Double Major at Seattle University entering his Senior year. His expertise includes writing, working with social media, and design. Born and raised in San Jose, CA, he was looking to gain a new experience living in a big city such as Seattle.

For Chetan, good customer service means being flexible and making compromises when necessary to maintain a good relationship with the customer. “Strong communication and understanding when something goes wrong is key,” Chetan says. “When a misunderstanding occurs, immediately apologizing but also being sure to quickly present next steps to resolve the issue going forward is important.”

At Leading Retirement Solutions, Chetan is excited to join the team and gain experience in marketing. Chetan will be pushing content through LRS’ blog and social media, as well as helping to revamp the company’s marketing design and strategy.

His main interest outside of work and school is dancing on a Bhangra team, an Indian folk dance originating from Punjab. He joined the team in September 2015 and has performed several times at The University of Washington and for other small events and occasions. He has also had the opportunity to compete with the team twice, traveling to Davis, California and Abbotsford, Canada.