The retirement industry is full of questions, and Leading Retirement Solutions is here with answers. Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions from clients that may help resolve a problem you have:

What type of retirement plan should my business put in place?
Generally, we recommend a 401(k) Plan for smaller businesses looking to set up a plan for the first time. They offer more flexibility than SEP or SIMPLE IRA plans, which is important for growing businesses.

I am frustrated that my payroll and 401(k) provider don’t work together.
We would be too. Because of that, we are experienced in working with clients that are frustrated with their payroll and 401(k) providers. We also offer a seamless contribution service.

Can you help me with the investments in my 401(k) Plan?
Absolutely. We regularly conduct investment advisor searches for clients all across the country. Not all investment advisors are the same, and that is why we will make sure that your advisor is the best fit for your company.

I want to use my 401(k) or IRA Monies to make a Non-Traditional Investment.
No problem. Your company sponsored retirement plan can include multiple types of investment opportunities above and beyond traditional mutual funds. Your retirement plan can also have access to:

  • Shares/ownership in your business
  • Membership interest in other ventures
  • Real estate
  • Agriculture and maritime rights
  • Other types of loans and liens
  • Assets such as equipment or livestock

I just received a letter from the IRS or the Department of Labor. What do I do?
Take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and call Leading Retirement Solutions. We understand that audits and investigations can be scary. That is why we regularly assist clients with IRS Audits and Dept. of Labor Investigations. Our experienced team will manage the process of responding to them for you, from start to finish.


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