According to a recent survey, 76% of consumers view customer service as a real test of how much a company values them. And yet, another poll showed that last year 45% of consumers can’t remember having a good customer service experience. With this many clients at stake, customer service is worth paying attention to.

The numbers show that regardless of what industry your company serves, providing good customer service is important. With all the focus on strategy and product, client satisfaction is often overlooked.

Before you get back to running your organization, check out these tips straight from the Leading Retirement Solutions team that will help maximize the relationship between you and your clients.

1) Treat your clients like they are your only client.
If you only had one client for your entire business, would you treat them differently?

Money is a very intimate part of everyone’s lives. Therefore, you should treat your clients’ money as if it were their own. Stay mindful of the fact that it is someone’s livelihood and not just numbers on a screen. This will give you a sense of perspective and a level head in making decisions going forward with them.

Every client wants to feel like they are valued and appreciated; they want to feel like family. So, treat them like you would your family.

2) Be in the
moment when speaking with a client.

People want to be heard. They don’t want to feel like you are distracted or would rather be somewhere else when you are talking with them. Your clients are no different.

Being 100% present with clients to show them that you aren’t putting your focus elsewhere. Concentrate on their needs and concerns, first and foremost. Engage with them and show them that you are listening to their concerns. This will create an environment in which they feel comfortable and understood.

3) Be timely in responding to any inquiries.

No one likes to be left waiting, especially when they need something. When a client comes to you with a request or a question, respond as soon as possible to show them that they are a priority to you.

If you don’t have an answer right away, don’t leave them hanging until you find one. Let them know that you and your team are working on resolving the issue and will get back to them as soon as you can. This way, they at least feel acknowledged and know they can expect a response from you soon.

4) Be flexible and make compromises when necessary.

At all costs, you want to maintain a strong relationship with your client. This requires clear communication and understanding when something goes wrong.

If a misunderstanding occurs with the client, be sure to immediately apologize but also quickly present next steps to resolve the issue going forward is important. Clients don’t care that you are sorry; they care about how you are going to make sure that no mistakes occur in the future.

5) Stay genuine and uphold your own values.

You can talk the talk all you want, but you have to also walk the walk.

Whether you are working with your clients in person or over the phone, every interaction with a client should consistently reflect your company’s values and mission. Saying, for example, that your organization values timeliness but consistently forgetting to reply back to requests will damage your company’s image.

With these tips, go forth and delight those clients!


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