Jeevika Verma, Public Relations Intern

Jeevika is the newest intern at Leading Retirement Solutions! She is focusing on driving media relations and maintaining relationships with both local and national media. She is also building and maintaining media kits for LRS and tracking all press coverage.

In addition, Jeevika will develop and run a campaign that connects Leading Retirement Solutions with other Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB).

Jeevika has a diverse background in creative writing, editing and journalism. She has worked with small presses and publications in Seattle. Originally from India, she recently graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing). She is now a writer and poet based in Seattle.

“I believe that customer service is all about efficiency, so we can save time on both ends. This calls for an active voice and excellent communication skills. I listen well, ask specific questions, and respond to customers promptly and succinctly.”

Outside of LRS, Jeevika also works at Hugo House, a literary space in Seattle whose mission is to bring writers together through classes, readings, and consultations. She is most excited about connecting Leading Retirement Solutions with other women-owned businesses. With her creative background and focus on Gender Studies in college, she believes she can make a great impact and shine the spotlight on women-owned businesses, including Leading Retirement Solutions.


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