This past week, Leading Retirement Solutions’ headquarters city of Seattle, Washington received 3 to 4 inches of snow! That may not seem like a lot, but Seattle does not receive snow very often, and therefore most of the city shut down for a day.

Your business should have a plan that ensures continuity and that you are prepared to support your clients whenever inclement weather may strike. Here are some tips that your firm can use to be ready for any weather disaster:

1. Set up a remote employee base

Having additional staff members in other places, even across the country, is a great way to prepare for this type of situation. This minimizes the risk of something happening in one location that could completely destroy the ability to serve clients.

2. Incorporate technology into your company’s disaster plan

When thinking about how weather and other disasters may affect your business and your clients, always keep technology in mind. Set up a system where employees can log in to your system securely at a different location if they need to work from

Also, be prepared for internet and phone lines to go down. Take advantage of mobile hotspot devices that can give you a secure connection if all else fails.

3. Utilize secure cloud technologies

Rather than relying on traditional office infrastructure (such as servers, a phone system, etc.), using strategic, secure cloud technologies diversifies the risk among several locations and platforms. Consider utilizing cloud-based solutions for phone, fax, and email. These solutions generally continue to operate uninterrupted, regardless of inclement weather.

For example, when staff members cannot make it into the office, it is quick and easy to have calls routed to mobile apps or to other locations and staff members. As a result, clients do not receive a different experience from what they are used to, and it is a seamless integration for the staff members.

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