Written by Kirsten Curry | President & Founder of Leading Retirement Solutions

It is becoming more and more difficult to manage a work-life balance in today’s business world. A recent Ernst & Young survey found that 24% of U.S. employees find it difficult to manage a balance between home life and work life.

These tips will set you on the right track towards success:

1) Surround yourself with experts and mentors

After starting my business back in 2009, I really let my physical health decline. Work always took precedence over my wellbeing.

About 2 years ago, I decided to commit to the goal of getting fit again. This was a big decision because any time I spent away from my business meant that I was spending less time building its success. However, I had brought on a few new team members and felt that the company could continue to stay the course without my constant leadership.

After eliminating wheat and gluten from my diet and continuing to run daily, I still felt that I was not getting to the level of fitness I wanted. Therefore, I decided that I needed to hire an expert to teach me how to eat and train right. I’m an expert in 401(k) Plans, but what makes me an expert in determining what kind of exercise and how much exercise I need to perform to be in good health?

After hiring a personal trainer, I am down 40 lbs and in the best shape I have been in since my commercial fishing days.

2) Create a bucket list

hs16-kirstenWhen I turned 40, I realized that I had a lot of goals that I had not yet accomplished. So, I created a bucket list for my 40s. I had a big list of things I wanted to accomplish, both personally and professionally, during my lifetime but no real action plan to make sure I was methodically getting them accomplished. Taking a handful of goals from my bucket list and penciling out a plan to accomplish them during my 40s has made the goals more achievable.

A few items on my bucket list are:

  • Attain additional industry credentialing
  • Pick back up with piano lessons
  • Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  • Get another tattoo
3) Read Harvard Business Review articles

The Harvard Business Review has lots of articles that provide great tips for managing work-life balance. I generally have my entire team read select articles and then have a discussion afterward. Team members can talk about what they are going through, as well as share other great ideas and tips with each other.

Some noteworthy articles include:


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