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Leading Retirement Solutions provides retirement plan solutions for businesses.

Our mission: to proactively support organizations and lead them toward a secure future.

Proactive Support
Providing quality support is at the core of everything we do. Our firm accomplishes this by ensuring that we are friendly, timely, and responsive whenever corresponding with a client. We provide this support through a variety of ways, following best practices at every stage of our client relationship.

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There is no one type of business that we lend our proactive support to. Whether it’s a nonprofit or a large business, we serve their needs to the highest standard, educating every step of the way.


Secure Future
To us, security is two-fold. The first is the tangible security of your finances. You can trust our team of highly trained experts to ensure step taken within your plan is compliant. The second half of this security is the intangible, end goal of every plan. We want you to cross the career finish line with a sense of freedom and empowerment as you now have access to life’s necessities.


Leading Retirement Solutions provides employee benefits and workforce management solutions for employers, employees, investors and trusted advisors. We deliver and manage solutions that minimize taxation, manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance and build and protect wealth.

We understand that owners and operators of your business need to focus their attention on business activities that generate revenue. Sponsoring a retirement plan for the benefit of your employees does not have to be an administrative or legal burden. LRS provides your administrative, record-keeping, reporting, compliance, education, and plan design services, helping you to alleviate administrative burdens and ensure the plan and its administration comply with government regulations.


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